Welcome to my blog! I’m happy to have you here.

Probably you wonder what this is about, but if you are actually considering to hang out here a little, I’m more than thrilled to explain you in a few sentences where you just ended up in the world wide web.

I’m Sabrina, the person who fills these sides with letters, words and stories. I see myself as a multipotentialite. My interests are broad and my thirst to learn and develop myself unstoppable.

Still at an early stage of my blog, this place will be like Villa Villekulla: colorful, a little chaotic and with a rich variety of topics. Just like my life basically.

Mainly I write about experiences of being a global citizen, telling about the life as an expat from my perspective. So, if you are into travelling and you like to read about other places, funny stories and lifesaving tips, you might actually find something of your interest here.

But along with this, I also plan to write about interesting facts, exciting trends, philosophic ideas, thoughts, healthy lifestyles (I’m a little health and fitness freak – so many tips on how to have healthy lifestyles in no matter what place you are) and finally personal experiences.

This is not a scientific blog and it does not follow any “official blogger expertise”.

I simply just write.


I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to comment!